what's happening
To design and construct the so-called nearly zero energy buildings appropriate new skills and closer cooperation of experts of various disciplines are needed. IDES-EDU project is a project of the Intelligent Energy Europe program, which aims to develop the curriculum and teaching materials for the master's degree program in the field of construction of such buildings. 15 European universities are involved in the IDES-EDU, among them also Laboratory for Sustainable Technologies in Buildings of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Ljubljana. One of the activities of the project is to design and manufacture self-sufficient residential units. Students from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, the Faculty of Architecture and the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Ljubljana, participated in the project.
The cell is heated by three different solar heating systems while for the power supply photovoltaic system is installed. A system for collecting rain water is also added, waste water is treated in a constructed wetland. Therefore, the unit is not connected to any public municipal system. Cell was built from five functionally related units, which provides the required mobility. All units have been designed with energy systems, in collaboration with more than twenty industrial partners, on the polygon in the Middle Gameljne near Ljubljana. At the end of May all units were transported to a location in the park at Trnovo near Finžgarjeva Street in Ljubljana.
Living on 30 m² 


In the Cell also new technologies are tested, which have been developed within the Competence Centre for Sustainable and Innovative Construction TIGR. The Cell is designed to show new energy technologies and academic work of students of the University of Ljubljana. In the Self-sufficient living Cell demonstrations of technologies will be organized for professionals, students and public.